The Perfect Gift!

The weeks leading up to Christmas are always a busy time for me. Preparing for the forth-coming festivities apart, it's also when I receive quite a few commissions -  all of which have to be completed in plenty time to be shipped, gift-wrapped and placed under the client's Christmas tree.

Giving original art is a wonderful idea for those looking for the perfect but personal present. I never know what I'm going to be asked to do but portraits of people, houses and pets are the most common requests. However sometimes it's something more unusual -  and I always enjoy a challenge!

This latest work, just completed, is a first for me; it's a painting in acrylics, of an ocean going Merchant Navy ship, the 'Amalric', for a young man who wanted a very special gift for his grandfather who had served many years on this particular vessel in the Pacific:

(click on image to enlarge)

I was provided with an old photo to work from but being so old and over-exposed, much of the detail (especially in the white areas) was missing. This lead to a few hours research on the internet to see if I could find any other images and luckily I did. Although they were mostly in black and white and from a wide variety of angles, collectively, they provided enough information for me to work with:

I knew I'd have to be as accurate as possible with the aspects of totally alien (to me!) things such gantries and rigging etc and throughout the process I learned not only about the workings of these majestic ships but also much about their history. A whole world I knew nothing about suddenly opened up to me and the entire experience has been as enriching and enjoyable as making the painting itself.

I hope the grandfather will be pleased with his gift....I would love to meet him one day and hear all about is seafaring experiences (I'm sure he has some wonderful stories to tell!)  and, this being 'Remembrance Week' it seems a fitting time to be remembering our grandfathers (and grandmothers too!) and the colourful lives they've lead.....

If you would like to commission a painting for yourself, your loved one or a friend - please don't hesitate to contact me. However unusual your request, I welcome the challenge!

Now, back to the easel.....another commissioned painting awaits.....and another deadline approaches....


  1. Well done on a fabulous piece of art....we talked about it and you have done it :D Excellent work and so much detail in that one.

    1. Aw, thanks Chrissy! I even surprised myself that I enjoyed this one so much.......Y xx


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