Feeling the cold?

We've been enjoying brilliant spring sunshine these past few weeks here in Greece (yes folks, I'm back on the island for now) but the bitterly cold weather that descended on most of Europe, has finally found us too. So it's back to heavy sweaters and trying to paint with gloves on!

In cold times like these, as I brave the biting winds to haul in the olive wood from the wood store for the fire, I find, to warm myself up, it helps to remember the days when I lived in warmer climes namely the Middle East; Dubai, Saudi Arabia and our visits to the Lebanon and Morocco. All lands where the relentless sunshine, hot desert sands and rich spicy foods warm the blood......arid lands where the warm ochres, vibrant reds and oranges leave you yearning for the shade of a cool leafy forest, a verdant green meadow and cool iced water (to dip into - not just take out of the fridge!)

So, if you're feeling the cold right now, have a look at the slide show I've made of my Arabic paintings - all inspired by the heady scents, colours, sounds, sights and above all, the dusty, sizzling heat of the Orient......and see if it warms you up too:

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