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Gosh! What a busy, busy week! I didn't imagine it would take so long to get back here but, oh well, here I am. It all began with me having a bit of a blitz on my studio. Normally I'm quite happy to work in 'organised' chaos but when it gets to the stage that I can't find anything - including any free space to work in, well, something's got to be done!
So here's the studio all tidied up: (I thought you might like to see it before it gets all messed up again!)

This is where I do most of my small illustrations. Everything I need is close to hand, including some of my favourite images which help to provide inspiration.
I'm working on three projects simultaneously at the moment; two very humorous books (one about dogs, one about a pig) and a series of small water colour paintings, as well as my own Christmas card!

I've also got two large acrylic paintings on the go. I have to finish them by Christmas and I can't show them yet as they're surprise gifts - but I'll be posting them on here later.

The third area in the studio is the desk where I do all my computer work; sending emails, editing photos, uploading images to all my websites and writing my blogs etc:
And finally, the bookshelves and work table area where I make all sorts of crafts and collages using textiles, ribbons, beads fabrics etc.

Of course I'm not always beavering away in the studio! Often I'm out and about and usually with camera in tow. I've just finished 4 exciting new photography collections You can see in these scrolling galleries in the side bar. All the images are for sale as framed or unframed PRINTS or as GREETINGS CARDS and can be ordered and shipped to your door.

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  1. Hey Yvonne,
    I guess it's finally working properly...Hooray for you! Love the Blog...good luck with it all.


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