Waxing Lyrical

I apologise if you've already read this post on my 'Painting Skiathos' blog.
As I work in London throughout the winter months, from today, I will be posting all new art (non-Skiathos 'painting holiday' related) posts, here, on my regular art blog, instead. Hope it won't be too confusing!

Last week I spent a wonderfully creative day in the company of friends, making cards.


Usually a fund raising event, it is hosted annually by my dear friend Christina at her gorgeous London Mews house. A group of us get together and with all the cutting and glue-ing, pasting and painting (not to mention constant chatter and laughter!) the hours pass so quickly!

img_0906 img_0927 img_0913 img_0926

Each brings their own techniques to the table and today the highlight was learning how to use encaustic (hot) wax and iron.

img_0898 img_0912

It produces really interesting and unexpected results:


Within every sheet one's imagination can run riot and it's easy to 'see' so many different images,

shapes and forms that, when cut out, can make fabulous cards in their own right:

img_09091 img_0907 img_09201 img_0919 img_0917 img_0921

It was great fun but we managed (without too much difficulty!) to tear ourselves away and clear the decks for a delicious bite to eat and some of Christina's amazing apple crumble

img_0902 img_0904

Then it was back to work:

img_0925 img_0924 A selection of the finished cards ..and my contribution

Thank you Christina! img_0932

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