Season's Greetings Everyone!

'Hyde Park in the Snow' by Yvonne Ayoub
acrylics on canvas 60cm x 40 cm

'There is a list of folks I know, all written in a book.
And every year at Christmas time I go and take a look.

And that is when I realise that these are very part,
Not of the book they're written in, but of my very heart

Never think my Christmas cards are just a mere routine
of names upon a Christmas list, forgotten in between.

For, be they relative, or friend or just someone I've met
You happen to be one of those I'd rather not forget.

And whether I've known you many years, or even just a few,
In some way you have had a part in shaping things I do.

So, as you read this message that I send at Christmas time,
Know that I send you all my love while you are on my mind'

To all my wonderful family, friends, fellow-artists and followers:
Thank you so much for your kind words, your constant encouragement and support this past year.
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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