'Felt' inspired!

Visiting the German Christmas Market in Hyde park's

was a real treat, with stall upon beautifully-decorated and lit stall,

selling really lovely, unique items; jewelery, hand carved wooden figures,
gingerbread hearts etc.

But one stall really caught my attention above the others.

Run by a company that sells clothing and accessories made from 'Fair Trade' textiles, the rich textures, imaginative design and the vibrant colours, of the 'felt' work especially, were just beautiful! Simply a feast for the senses:

There was something to suit all pockets, from purses to stocking fillers

Hats, gloves, scarves, you name it! The patterns and colour-combinations were endless.

I LOVED this bag! But in the end settled on these sparkly red 'elf' slippers.
A present for a very special little girl I know....

(hope her mum's not reading this!)

They call themselves 'Inspired Earth' and well, whether your into textiles or just plain texting, I'm sure you'll agree their work is certainly inspiring!

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